Welcome and here is a little information about me

This is going to be my home of operations, and by that I mean I will be placing my photos, videos, cam shows, etc..   all on my KittensCrypt page and would like to take this chance to thank everyone here for all there help getting set up :)

My goal is to bring in some cash and every cent counts.. I will be selling my panties and bras and whatever else people might be interested in buying as in the end, it comes down to I have bills to pay and without cash, thats not going to happen..

Although I will not be providing a direct line publicly, I will put a means to contact me in my members area and that will be chaned every few months to make sure it doesn't get out to the many time wasters out there..

I will be placing photo sets online and videos for general members area for whitch you will need to subscribe, I will also have a special area for my panties and other items to be displayed.  This will give you the chance to feel close to me ;)

Once you have subscribed and your able to message me, I'm happy to hear about ideas for future photo shoots and items to ware.  Keep in mind that I will at no point ever show my face in any of my photos or videos and ask that you please be respectful of my choice and my privacy.

I would ask that you also check out some of the other beautiful models on the Kittens Crypt website, there are models of all shapes and sizes and I'm sure you will find many others that you like too.  You will find a link for them above, just click the worf Models on the menu.

For now thank you again for taking the time to visit my home here on the internet and I look forward to seeing you in my members area real soon :)

Chloe Dee

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