KittensCrypt: F.A.Q. for Subscribers / Members
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How do I subscribe to a model on KittensCrypt ?

Click here  to view a listing of all the models on the site.  Then select the model you like, this will take you to the area for that model and give your options of previewing her videos, photos, etc.  If you like that model and want to see more, you can click on the Subscribe option from the selected models menu.  This will show you the prices and terms for that model.

Prices change for each model.  Some may do 1 month only, some offer recurring prices, some 6 months, some 12.  You will find the details for each models membership on the above mentioned page.

If you agree to their prices, you can click on 'join' and will be taken to CCBills processing page.  Once there simply follow their instructions.  Once paid and processed, they will automatically take you to the models members only content. Enjoy :)

How can I tell what sort of photos a model has?
You will see a border around each model, these borders come in 3 colors.  The colors give you an idea of the type of content each model has.  Green means the model stays covered at all times, they may provide bikini or lingerie shots, maybe even topless, but covered shots.  Amber level models contain nudity, this may be in the form of topless, bottomless, rear photos, etc.   Red level models give the model full freedom to express themselves through adult only style photos.  There will be samples for each model on her page giving an idea of what will be contained within they members only area.

Green : Covered
Green Sample
Models stays fully covered at all times.
Amber : Nudity
Amber Sample
Models areas contain topless or nudity
Red : No limits
Red Sample
Models free to express herself fully

I don't have a VISA or Master Card, can I pay with PAYPAL???
Unfortunately, CCBill does not process Paypal.  However, there are places you can buy prepaid VISA and other cards from using PayPal as a payment option, then use those to pay for your subscription on KittensCrypt.   Please use the following link for more information:

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