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  KittensCrypt: F.A.Q. for Models
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KittensCrypt was first created for one woman who's nick name was kitten.  Slowly over time a few friends to put their portfolios on and we've continued to grow with many long term internet models now pointing their domains to us.  We've introduced models such as Danica Danali to the world and watched her grow in to a well known adult movie star she is today.  There is no telling where you could end up once you get you're name and face out there.  With KittensCrypt being a totally free site for models, it's the perfect place to start :)

Too many places promise lots only to stick you with contracts and copyrights, they force models to send amazing amounts of content every week, along with many other demands.  We have no lock in contracts, that right.. you're free to leave any time you like.  We also have no sole rights, so you're free to use you're photos anywhere you want. In short we're here to give you an place that cares about you and will suit you're needs.

How do I join KittensCrypt ?

Joining couldn't be more simple, we have an online application form to help speed things along.  This will let you enter all you're information, such as what name you would like to be known as to the public, what information and text you would like to place online as part of you're main Bio and information page.  This bio page is a great place to tell people a little about yourself, what you like, what you hate, etc..    The application page is always a good place to start.

At this point in time our application page doesn't support uploading of photos.  So you're id will need to be sent in some other way.  This could be via email or Dropbox, Facebook, etc..  One of the biggest concerns for us is someone using another persons images and as such we take every care to make sure our models are real people and at least 18 years of age or above.

This said, should you have any concerns that a model may not be of age, or may be using another person photos, or in any way at all may be breaching any form of law, please contact us right away so that we may take action.   Upholding the law is of paramount importance to us, so please inform us right away should you any concerns.

Being a model with KittensCrypt also means if, and only if, you request it.  You can have an email address assigned.  For example if you're 'Suzy Babe' you might want '' as you're email address.  We are happy to set this up once you have been on the site for at least 6 months with at least 10 photos set online.  There are several reason for the wait, but in short, it takes up our time to configure this and we want to make sure models are long term.  The email address we set up is what's called a pop3 email account and lets you log in and download your messages with a program like Outlook Express or Incredimail..  Outlook normally comes with windows and Incredimail can be downloaded for free from

What type of money can I make ? How's it work ?

This is a fair question and normally the very first thing people ask when they find out about the site.  KittensCrypt has been set up to help you make ends meet and put a little extra money in your pocket,  and just simply help you have a better, less stressful life and hopefully have a little fun.  Being a model is free to join and you don't have to be out of pocket for anything.  We'll set up everything web related, all you need to do is submit photos and videos :)

As for income, it works like this..  The average models price is $9.95 per month, per membership.  This of course changes depending on the type of material a model submits.  For example if you only have a few sets, or if you have chosen to stay covered or light lingerie with no topless or nudity.  You might be on only $2.95 a month (per membership).   We're happy to work to you're requests, but please keep in mind that the higher the price of membership, the less chances of obtaining members.  Lower prices tend to get more subscribers.

We use CCBill as our online processor.  They handle all payments, refunds, charge backs, subscriptions, members access, etc.. They are a fantastic company and one of the best in the world.  We take great pride in our site and believe it's worth having the best.  They take out a percentage to cover all their services.  This is to cover credit card charge backs, records of sales, contact protections, user name and passwords for peoples account, etc..  it's a long list and their fee's are gone before we even receive payment.  Once we have received payment we work on a straight 50/50 split with the models.  Because fee's sometimes change it's hard to put an exact percentage on here, but in short we split all profit 50/50 with models after fee's are covered.  From our percentage we will cover things like graphic design, desktop images and layouts, creation of banners, thumbnails, image re-sizing and other forms of advertising, adding copyrights and urls to images, uploading and editing time, etc.. the list goes on..

We like to calculate amounts on the first of each month but depending on the amount of sales models have had, sometimes it might take a few days.  As we're based in Texas all prices are in US dollars and all models payments will be paid to a models PayPal account each month.  We like PayPal, simply because it's instant and global, so it just doesn't matter what part of the world you're from, it's going to be there right away for you.  We're happy to pay you other ways but with most ways there are fee's from banks or post offices, etc.. and can take a lot longer for the money to reach you.

In short, as long as you promote your area and bring in sales, you'll have money coming in for simply posing for photos or videos.  It's a fairly simple idea and so far, seems to be working well.

How do I send in photos and videos ? and how many ?

Sending in photos, videos and any other media has always been an issue due to email pop3 servers having limits and other file transfer options taking to long.  We're still happy to receive files via email if that suits you, but we have found a fast and easy way to send in any form of file, and the best part is there is no file size limit.   It's called DropBox and it's a free server that makes all our lives just that little bit more easy.  The people at DropBox have made it simple to install and easy to register.  There is no need to install it until you've filled out our online application form as we'll set up a folder on our server with you're model name and share it to DropBox via you're email address.  If at this point you're not a DropBox member, then it will show you how to install and set it up.

With photos, we ask that all sets be above about 30 shots.  You can go as high as you like, do a set of 200 shots if you like, but please not lower then about 30.  With videos, a lot of people do small ones of about 4 or 5 minutes each.  This is fine, we're happy to go 10 minutes or more, however you're happy to send them.  But under about 4 minutes is just to tiny and we may link you're smaller ones together to make a longer one.  All depends on time and quality.  If a video or photo set is to small, we may just use it as promotion for you rather then putting it up on the site.

Also with photos, please don't expect them online instantly.  there is a lot of work that needs to be done to the shots you send in before they make it to the site. Firstly, and we can not stress this enough, please send photos as they were taken, directly from the camera, and do not edit them or cut them down, as this will create longer delays.  The more you have changed the sizes, etc., the longer it will take as we wont be able to use any form of automation on the set process.  Time will also vary per set due to the amount of shots, if the images require re-sizing, cropping, etc.. plus they need to have copyrights added and so on.  If you want to speed this up try to only take photo's in landscape mode (left to right), not portrait mode (turning camera on it's side).  All photos will be edited to HD standards (1920x1080), if you send them in as portraits, we will make then 1080 high by whatever the re-size makes them wide.  Once images are re-sized, we move on to making samples for each set, then the HTML for you're samples page and you're members area need to be updating with the new samples and information.  We do try and get photo sets online as soon as possible, but it can take a few days or when weeks depending on the workload of the site at the time.  Most of the time it takes a few days per set.
You can upload directly via this link..

What type of photos do I send?
You have the freedom to send whatever types of shots you like, as long as there is about 50 shots or more per set.  We provide 3 simple and easy to follow types of accounts: Green, Amber, Red.  They go as follows:

Green : Covered
Green Sample
Models stays fully covered at all times.
Amber : Nudity
Amber Sample
Models areas contain topless or nudity
Red : No limits
Red Sample
Models free to express herself fully

We prefer all shots to be in landscape mode.  This is because more people use computers, laptops, Play Station, xBox, Mac, etc. to display photos, videos and generally view the web.  More and more smart TV's are coming on the market and people use them to browse the internet.

If you use a phone or tablet, you can turn it on it's side with ease, but imagine trying to turn a 60' TV on it's side.  So please remember, when taking your photos, please take them as landscape.

For those of you who don't know what landscape is, turn your mobile device on it's side, with longer side running horizontal.  That is landscape.  If your mobile device is upright, that is portrait.

If you send in Portrait shots, we'll do our best to make them landscape. That said now we have started updating all models to the new format, we are simply converting some portraits to 1080p and leaving them in portrait mode to speed up the process of getting models shots online.

We can not stress enough that photo sets all be taken at the same time and in the same outfit.  We don't like it when models send in 30 shots and it's 5 different outfits in them.  So please, make each set matching.

You can upload directly via this link..

Are photos taken with a phone okay?
If you have a good enough phone, then sure.  We don't mind what you use to take the photos as long as the quality is there.  A lot of people don't realize that the front camera on a phone is meant for video calls and it not made for taking normal photos.  So if you plan on using your mobile or cell phone to take photos, please make sure you use the back camera and not the front one.  The front one is the one on the same side as the screen.

Samples! How they work and can I choose my shots ?

Each set we place online for you will consist of one back ground shot (1920x1080) and 8 smaller shots (350x197).  We generally choose which photos to place on the samples.   All samples will be made 1920x1080 as that is the standard res for high def (HD) TV screens, computers, tablets, etc.

The following 8 random samples from our models will give you an ideas of what your samples might look like for each set you supply.  Note that these are not the real details for the samples, they are just to give you an idea of what it would look like.

Photo Update #1 : 27 pics

Photo Update #2 : 16 pics

Photo Update #3 : 76 pics

Photo Update #4 : 101 pics

Photo Update #5 : 27 pics

Photo Update #6 : 16 pics

Photo Update #7 : 76 pics

Photo Update #8 : 101 pics

Many of our models like to chose their own photos for the samples, and that's fine.  When you send in your set, make a sub folder called 'SAMPLES' with the 9 shots you want to use.  Number these shots as follows.

0.jpg = main backdrop shot to your sample
1.jpg  2.jpg  3.jpg  4.jpg  5.jpg  6.jpg  7.jpg  8.jpg = the 8 samples on the left of your sample.

Do not use any other numbering or naming system, i.e., adding other letters or number, keep them exactly like above for each set please.
Your Dropbox should look something like..  modelname/setnumber/filename-01.jpg to modelname/setnumber/filename-50.jpg  modelname/setnumber/samples/0.jpg to modelname/setnumber/samples/8.jpg  As we've mentioned many times over the FAQ, sending shots in landscape mode is rather important as you can see from the samples, it's not set up for portrait shots.  This is covered under the types of shots to send.  Here is the raw layout so you can see what we do and how we set them up for you.

What happens with photo rights and copyrights?
Copyrights is a big deal and we're not interested in issues, so we keep things really simple.  If you're on our site, this means you want us to put you're photos and videos online.  We wouldn't have your shots unless you sent them to us and as part of sending us you're photos, your giving us permission to place them online for sales.  All shots that you send in will have our logo and web site URL added to them. Shots may also be cropped, re-sized and edited to suit the site's HD quality.  We may also use you're photos to make promotional desktops, banners, links and other things to help drive traffic to our site and you're area.   This may include links on other sites, Facebook, Google+, Twitter, promotional videos, etc.  We are not interested in issues over copyrights, so please, if you don't want us using your shots to promote you, or place them on other sites, etc.., then please don't join.  No one needs stress and we're to help, not create problems.

How long does it take for photos to be put online?
If you have not edited your shots at all, no touch ups, no re-sizing, etc..  It's possible to have your shots online within about a week. If you have changed the size of even one shot, then there is no automation and it could take up to a month or maybe longer.

We can not stress enough the importance of taking your shots in landscape only mode and to not re-size them.

How do I update my Bio/Information page or other details?
We're currently working on a means to update it anytime directly from the page.  For the moment, any details you want to change, just email us with the changes and we'll make them as soon as we can for you.   Here is a bit of an idea what you should put for a bio.

Hi there I'm (name),

Thanks for checking out my KittensCrypt page.  I love sports, food, dancing and going out.
I'm not much of a car person and don't like cats, etc...

You can talk about things you like and hate.

Ramble on about how, things that excite you or turn you off.

Talk about why you model or what you want to do in life.

sign off with thanks and lots of love (name)

Something like that.  The more information you can put in the better.  Include your height, hair color, eye color, etc.. anything to make your information page sound more interesting and let the people looking at the page have more of an interest in you personally and not just to come look at photos. :)

What to expect after filling in an application to be a model..

To stop confusion for new models, here is how things tend to normally go.
We hope this will give you a little idea of what to expect from application to payments, and further.
Oh course keep in mind this is only a rough idea to be used as a guide, sometimes things will be quicker, sometimes slower.

So you find the site and fill in and send an application from online.
This form is sent to our main web master email account and might take a few days to get to us.

Once received we'll set up a dropbox folder for you and dropbox will email you.
This folder will be your model name and will contain a file called 'place files here.jpg'
You will find the main dropbox folder under 'favorites' on you're windows computer.
If you're using an ipad or something else, please check the dropbox site for information.

Once we've setup your Dropbox, we'll reply to your application form.
This reply will contain a little information and a welcome to being a Kitten :)
If you do not receive a reply email from us then we might not have received your application.
At this point please either email us or contact us on Facebook and let us know.

At this point you can can either reply to the email with your ID photos or use Dropbox.
You can use Facebook and other means but we find dropbox to be the best option.
ID is very important and no work will be done without receiving it.

Once we receive your ID, we will set up a general area for you. (NO ID - NO SETUP)
If you haven't submitted photos, we'll use a coming soon icon with your model name.
You will also be placed in the area for models with no content or 'coming soon'.
We'll leave you in the no content area until you send content or are removed.
Models who fail to send content within a month are removed.

Once content of either photo sets or videos have been received, we will start setting up your members area, samples, information, etc.
This may take a while depending on what you send and how much of it.
We intend to have this done as quickly as possible.
Allow at least a week for this as there is a lot of work that goes in to it.

Once we've finished your area, it will be submitted to CCBILL for processing.
CCBill are very strict and check every detail of things, so again allow a few days.

Once approved, you will be open for sales.
We try to check the sales for each model on the first of each month.
If your sales are over $50, then we will pay you.
If not, then nothing will happen.  We only contact you when you've reached $50 worth of sales.
If you received some sales, but not $50 worth, the amount will carry over to the following month.
This will continue each month until you hit the $50 minimum.

We hope this helps, you may contact us anytime for any help.
Just keep in mind all things take time and we like to keep a stress free environment.

How do I subscribe to a model on KittensCrypt ?

Click here  to view a listing of all the models on the site.  Then select the model you like, this will take you to the area for that model and give your options of previewing her videos, photos, etc.  If you like that model and want to see more, you can click on the Subscribe option from the selected models menu.  This will show you the prices and terms for that model.

Prices change for each model.  Some may do 1 month only, some offer recurring prices, some 6 months, some 12.  You will find the details for each models membership on the above mentioned page.

If you agree to their prices, you can click on 'join' and will be taken to CCBill's processing page.  Once there simply follow their instructions.  Once paid and processed, they will automatically take you to the models members only content. Enjoy :)

I don't have a VISA or Master Card, can I pay with PAYPAL???
Unfortunately, CCBill does not process Paypal.  However, there are places you can buy prepaid VISA and other cards from using PayPal as a payment option, then use those to pay for your subscription on KittensCrypt.   Please use the following link for more information:

How do I contact KittensCrypt?
 There are many ways to contact us.  The fastest way if via one of the following email addressed.  You can also find us on Face book, Twitter, Google+ and many other networks.  We're happy to answer all emails, so if you need us for anything, please just drop us one now.  There are several people on Facebook that you can add and chat to real time.  These people can be found on our official Facebook page.           : technical faults, page issues, set errors, etc.    : request to be a model, photo submissions & questions.            : can be used for everything, but isn't checked very often.      : DO NOT EMAIL THIS ACCOUNT - IT DOES NOT GET CHECKED

How do I become a KittensCrypt model?
Now that you have read the above FAQ and have an idea what to expect from us and what we expect from you, all you need to do is click on the below link to become a model with as.

>>> Application form <<<

If I want to leave the site, how do I do it?
If I want to leave the site, how do I do it?
We don't believe in lock-in contracts, models are free to leave the site at any time for any reason.

To be removed is rather simple, just email us requesting to be removed, include a photo of you holding your ID and a close up of the ID, same as when you joined.

Most removals are done on our master server within a few days, then updated on the site next major update, this could be a few weeks.

** Asking us to remove you without ID will be ignored **

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