Welcome and here is a little information about me

Hi everyone, thank you for reading my information page :)

I've not had much time to set this up as I'm still working it out.
In time I hope to have many sets online for now I'm just starting out with a couple and we'll see how I go from there, if no one subscribes, then I have no reason to send in more photos, so please subscribe to my members area and show me that you want to see more :)

I would love to hear your feedback on my photo sets and I am open to suggestions for future sets now that I've upgraded from Green to Amber :)  This was in no way an easy decision for me but Green level just doesn't bring in the sales and without sales there is no point to being on the site :)

so please... pleaaaase subscribe and show me that you enjoy what I'm doing and give me the incentive to keep going :)


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