Welcome and here is a little information about me

Hi there, I’m Sweet Sexxy Dee!

I’m confident with who I am and Sweet and SEXY !Of course my name is spelled with 2 X’s for EXTRA SEXY!  I’m kind of laid back and just want to enjoy life and have FUN! 

I’m really more like the MILF next door or down the street that you wonder every time you see me, is she a NAUGHTY GIRL?  Or a NICE GIRL? Well, actually I am both, I am a NICE GIRL at times but I’m really a VERY NAUGHTY GIRL at heart!

And I like to get VERY NASTY at times too!

Or I may be the MILF you fantasize about, wondering what your HARD THROBBING COCK would feel like in my warm, wet mouth! As I Suck  your HARD COCK just the way you like it!  YOU caressing my AWESOME TITS and ASS, Licking and Tasting my HOT, WET, CREAMY CUNT! And feeling your HARD COCK inside of my TIGHT PUSSY! And you CUMMING deep inside of me!  I may even let you FUCK my SWEET ASS as a treat for us BOTH!

You may want to write me sometime too, my direct email is in my members area.. Once your a member you can ask me whatever you want. I will try hard to reply back if I can. Send me some NAUGHTY pictures of  YOURSELF , tell me what YOU want to do to me and what you want ME to do to YOU. So I can fatasize about YOU too! And who knows, maybe someday BOTH our fantacies will CUM TRUE!
If there is anything else you want to know about me, just read my bio.

CUM inside my membership area and see just how NASTY  I can be for YOU! ---- You won’t be dissapointed!


Birthday:   June 3rd, 1969  

Zodiac Sign:  Gemini - WILD! And Unpredictable! And I definitely have an EVIL TWIN in me! Do YOU think you can get her to CUM! Out and PLAY?

Relationship: Divorced, but in a long term relation to a man I wouldn’t trade for ANYTHING! Although he likes to SHARE me! And I like to be SHARED!

Measurements:  Happy to say I am a FULL 42 D all natural. Mother nature was good to me. As for the rest I don’t know although my legs are SEXY as hell!
(Especially when they are spread WIDE!)

Eye color: Brown and VERY SEDUCTIVE!

Hair: Naturally Brown, but I look HOT as a Blonde!

Pussy Hair:  I love to shave my PUSSY BALD!

Skirt, dress, pants or pants or shorts size:  16-18, It depends!

Panties:  Size 8 or 9 and the SEXIER! The BETTER!  Not really into thongs, sorry!

Shoe size: Woman’s size 9 and I LOVE cute and SEXY Sandals

Favorite Food: Mexican!  I LOVE  WET Burritos! Kind of like my PUSSY! WET and HOT! Just waiting for YOU to cover it with your  creamy HOT sauce!  

My Favorite Alcoholic Drink: Vodka and Squirt (I really don’t drink much though! So don‘t plan on getting me drunk and taking advantage of me) But then again, who is going take advantage of who?

Non alcoholic drinks: Diet Pepsi! Got to have my Pepsi! And my coffee in the morning too!

Smoking: I know it’s a bad habit, but I do it anyways! I may quit someday!

My Favorite Music:  I LOVE COUNTRY! But I like Rock and R&B too! My all time favorite artist is Foreigner

My Favorite perfume: I have a few actually! I LOVE to smell SEXY and HOT for YOU or my man!

Sexual Orientation: Straight, but a little bi curious if the time was right maybe! ( they say ONLY a woman truly knows what a woman likes and wants! ) I LOVE COCK! But I don’t want you to CUM in my mouth and I don’t swallow or let you CUM on my face. Anywhere else is fine. And I LOVE to have my SWEET PUSSY and ASS LICKED!  

Favorite position:  DOGGY STYLE!

Grab my hips and FUCK MY PUSSY HARD from behind! Let me feel your balls slapping my ASS and PUSSY! I like ANAL occasionally only! 

I LIKE it a little ROUGH and to get FUCKED HARD and DEEP!  Just don’t pull my hair and NO spanking! I’m into PLEASURE! , not PAIN!

I do like an occasional smack on the ASS or grabbing my TITS while I’m being FUCKED HARD!

Sucking  COCK :  I was once told I could suck the chrome off a trailer hitch!  You got a trailer hitch for me to SUCK?
Anal Sex: I enjoy it every now and then and it’s certainly a treat for any man! Lick it good first though!

Tats: I have quite a few! Smaller ones and mainly with my kids names!

Piercings:  Eyebrow, nose, lip, ears (maybe someday my nipples!)
My man wants that bad! LOL

XOXO Sweet Sexxy Dee

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